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Hail in July 2001

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Our festivities in 2001

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 Hail in July 2001  


Seppi Landmann describes below what happened to one of his vineyards hit by hail on 6 July 2001.

Not withstanding the favorable Zinnkoepflé microclimate, this meteorological phenomenon with enormous consequences is fortunately very rare, the last one took place in 1969.

The one this year did not last long, but hit the rows of vines going from southwest to northeast.


The leaves were torn, the grapes pulled off or pieced, broken stems were all that was left of nearly ½ hectare of vines. The damage was estimated at more than 80%.

The proper treatment was immediately given to save what could be saved and more importantly maintain the future of the vines.


Fortunately, the grass between our rows of vines prevented the soil from being washed away and forming gullies on the bare earth.

There are still sufficient healthy vines for a good 2001 vintage.

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