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2003 Zinnkoepflé Night

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  The 2003 Great Classified Zinnkoepflé  Night

The 15th celebration of this great festival of Vallée Noble began towards 5pm on Saturday 2 August in front of the Soultzmatt Town Hall, in the presence of a number of celebrities, who gave the usual speeches in front of an array of beauty queens.

Straight after the opening ceremony, our Cellar of Vallis Praenobilis welcomed those who love fine wines and a festive atmosphere.

As in the past, the Underwater Diving School of Guebwiller took care of the gourmets' needs, presenting flambé tarts, sausages (...) while "Les Marys" provided the entertainment in their usual energetic way - and that until a very advanced hour.





Tasting in our courtyard

The drum band of the Grognards of Haute Alsace