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On 23 October 1999, there was a great evening for all chocolate and wine buffs, dedicated to children with cancer in the Children’s Cancer Department of Professor Lutz, organized by Jean-Marc Sins in the Cour de Honau, Strasbourg.

The participants: Christophe Meyer, master chocolate maker from the Pâtisserie Christian, Strasbourg and Jean-François Tisler, taster with Seppi Landmann.



1998 Zinnkoepflé great classified late harvest Riesling (magnum)

72 % pure chocolate from South America

82 % Carbonera, Venezuela pure chocolate

70 % Sur del Lago, Venezuela pure chocolate

70 % Java chocolate

1992 Noble Valley Tokay-Pinot gris (magnum)

Christian’s chocolate

70 % Saint-Dominique classified growth chocolate

70 % Equator classified growth chocolate

70 % Papua classified growth chocolate



This tasting took place in public. The chocolate-wine harmony was progressive for each of the two series to enable the participants to understand how a perfect match was achieved after each chocolate-wine tasting. A chocolate-wine tasting commentary was given by the experts.

In April 2001, the same experts invited a group of 25 chocolate fans to a tasting room in the Pâtisserie Christian in Strasbourg for another tasting session with the following selection:

1993 Zinnkoepflé great classified Riesling

(alone just as an appetizer)

Equator chocolate (70 % cocoa) and a South American selection (72 %)

(alone to establish mutual assessment criteria)

1998 Zinnkoepflé great classified late harvest Riesling with successively 4 different chocolates:

Mexico, Christian (a mixture of Ghana, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Peru, Brazil),

Papua, Saint Domingue (70 %)

1999 Hors la loi (outlaw) Sylvaner with Haiti (70 %), Java (82 %)

1999 Sylvaner ice wine with two types of Venezuela: Carbonera (82 %), Sur del Lago (70 %)

1991 late harvest Gewürztraminer matured in oak

with milk chocolate with olive oil (+ grains of Guérande salt).

The wine-chocolate matches were convincing and, as well, surprised and pleased the tasters by their delicate taste and complexity. The association with the 1991 late harvest Sylvaner was perhaps the best match and the 1991 late harvest Gewürztraminer matured in oak with milk chocolate with olive oil the most surprising.


Seppi’s suggestions


Do not be influenced by preconceived ideas and matches that seem to be fixed by tradition. Taste for yourself and find what you like best.

Of course, you can learn from our experience and take inspiration from our tastings and festive occasions (next page).

Read the article on How to taste great Alsace wines where Seppi tried to explain the pleasure you can derive from food and wine.

If you would like more details, do not hesitate to explain what you want to know on our form on the Contact page.