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  Banquet at La Petite Palette 


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After a year's break, due to the estate's 20th anniversary celebrations (see our Archive pages for descriptions of the tasting and banquet) we have again begun holding our gastronomic banquets, starting with an unannounced one.

Cyril, Seppi Landmann's cellar master, comments on the relationship between the dishes and the wines.

25 April, at 8 pm : at the Restaurant La Petite Palette (Neuf Brisach)

16 rue de Bâle à Neuf Brisach (68600)

 Oenological dinner 

The evening was a great success, with requests for reservations exceeding the seating capacity of the restaurant. In the warm atmosphere of a wainscoted room, the guests were able to enjoy the subtlety and refinement of the dishes prepared by Henri Gagneux. In the absence of Seppi Landmann, Cyril, his cellar master, introduced the estate and the wines, chosen for their ability to provide an ideal complement to the dishes. Moving non-stop from table to table, he elicited open exchanges, frequently full of praise, on the subject of the chef and the wine-maker.

 The Dishes 

 The Wines 


Salad of raw foie gras marinated in Sichuan Pepper

1997 Sylvaner Cuvée Z


Musk-scented langoustine gratin

1993 Pinot blanc matured in new oak


Sea bass fillet with fennel

1994 Riesling Noble Valley

Cuvée Sophie Marceau


Spiced Boar Tagine

1985 Gewurztraminer last harvest great classified Zinnkoepflé


Pan-fried foie gras seasoned with cider vinegar

1989 Riesling noble rot great classified Zinnkoepflé


Lightly sweetened chocolate with orange

1996 Tokay Pinot Gris noble rot great classified Zinnkoepflé


The warm atmosphere of the wainscoted room

Musk-scented langoustine gratin served with

1993 Pinot blanc Noble Valley matured in new oak

Lightly sweetened chocolat with oranges and a glass of

1996 Tokay Pinot Gris noble rot great classified Zinnkoepflé