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Summer festivities


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For the last few years Seppi and his partners have been organizing dinners on a theme. Set out below are the menus and the matching wines that were offered in summer 2001 (See Archives for spring and summer 2000 and 2001).


Within the very exotic Restaurant Hong Kong, Seppi serves its guests.

In September 2003, at the Restaurant HONG KONG

(68 Grand Rue à Colmar )

 Chinese dishes and Seppi Landmann Alsace wine

Each dish was served with 2 or 3 wines. After each dish, the guests gave their opinion on the best food-wine match.


Fried prawns and nems


Magnum of Crémant Cuvée Erotique


Frogs legs with salt and pepper

2001 Riesling Hospices of Strasbourg

1996 Sylvaner Vallée Noble

2002 Pinot Noir Red


Chicken with black mushrooms

2000 Pinot Blanc Vallée Noble

1992 Tokay Pinot Gris Vallée Noble

1996 Pinot Noir Red


Prawns with sweet and sour sauce

2000 Muscat Vallée Noble

1996 Riesling GC Zinnkoepflé

2001 Riesling GC Zinnkoepflé


Peking duck

1989 Riesling GC Zinnkoepflé LH

1998 Gewurztraminer Hospices of Strasbourg

1996 Pinot Noir Red (new oak)


Seafood rice

1998 Sylvaner Vallée Noble

1997 Riesling Cuvée Sophie Marceau

1999 Gewurztraminer Cuvée Sophie Marceau


Chicken with lemon

1998 Sylvaner Cuvée Z

1997 Sylvaner Cuvée Z


Crystallized ginger

1992 Gewurztraminer GC Zinnkoepflé LH

1992 Riesling Cuvée Hors la Loi Noble Rot matured in new oak

Observation : LH = Last Harvest

                    GC = Great Classified