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  2002 Christmas letter  

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2002 Christmas letter

2001 Christmas letter

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Ladies and Gentlemen, friends and clients,

This autumn, with the publication of the classification of the best wines in France in the Bettane and Desseauve 2003 Guide, many of my wine making colleagues in Alsace as well as in France were delighted by the second star that the winery received. On that occasion I was pleased to receive new friends that I knew from the days when I took part in the wine shows and fairs in the 1980’s to become known and make my clientele.

From that time I still have strong and even moving recollections. If the public at these events had not shown its abysmal ignorance of what a great wine is, I could have become a professional show exhibitor, i.e. work hard on the stand all day and party for the rest of the night...



Thus, as I developed in my profession, I focused my commercial and marketing activities on meeting new customers and having a strategy of targeted evenings with groups of wine lovers where the knowledge and love of good and great wines were there or at different stages of development.

This strategy as well as receiving people visiting Alsace, the study of the Noble Valley and even more specially the organization of grape picking weekends, were more efficient and valuable from every point of view and specially for people living in neighbouring countries.

I might mention that the only thing that is missing is the time to deal with all the requests.

Never-the-less the actual fact of going to gastronomic dinners where the marriage of food prepared by a talented chef and a wine selected to go with a dish leaves it mark on the epicurean and wine lover.

Thus, all those who have had the opportunity to taste the association of Roquefort or Munster cheese with a great Gewurztraminer will develop a touch of cultural superiority in relation to the average French man who is still convinced that only red wine can go with the cheese platter.

Sylvaner turning gold in the autumn.

What can I say about those 20 years of my life actively promoting the Noble Valley, the Zinnkoepflé great classified growth, good cooking and the la joie de vivre?

That I am conscious of the fact that my life is going against the evolution of society, i.e. only working 35 hours a week?

To finish this Christmas short note, I would like to say a few words about the Gault et Millau article in September 2002 on the Sylvaners.

For the first time a wine magazine has focused on the great Sylvaners, exceptional georegional wines (See press review). Thus, I can only say come and taste these forgotten curiosities that the legislators have overlooked and that you have just been able to buy as futures (see our available wine list).

These great wines with all the other Seppi Landmann range can also be offered as a much appreciated end of year gift to friends or business acquaintances. Do not hesitate to ask me to make up an individual gift pack adapted to your budget.

Hoping that I will always be able to give you satisfaction, I raise my glass of a great sylvaner to drink to your health and send you all my best wishes for health and happiness in 2003.

Thank you for your continued support and trust.

I look forward to seeing you soon and in the meantime happy Christmas.

Your wine maker,

Seppi Landmann.