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2008 Christmas letter

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  2008 Christmas letter   



Ladies and Gentlemen, friends and clients,

The awfully bad weather of summer 2008 made us fear a repetition of the climatic scenery 2006, i.e. a subtropical autumn, hot and damp, generating a galloping putrefaction. But in life there's no telling what another autumn will bring... Thus, after a final important rainfall on Saturday the 12 of September, the northern wind invaded Alsace permanently and efficiently as never before the wind dried out the rot , that had already started to develop here and there.
So, from a situation where harvest was urgent, the inversed scenery occured: we had to give the grapes time to mature, in order to get a lower malonic acid, at this stage to high because of the permanent cold and also because of a heterogeneous flowering that generated "millerandage" i.e. very small berries and uneven grape maturation.
This is why the wines of 2008 contain a high acidity that gives a solid backbone favouring a long aging, provided that the acidities have been allowed to mature before harvest. The cold weather is also a source of preservation of beautiful and typical aromas of fruit, certainly favouring a good harvest of Riesling.
I'm also optimistic about the Gewurztraminer and the Pinot Gris.
What else could I tell you in a few lines, with a few words? Last spring the first worldwide competition of Gewurztraminers, "Gerwurztraminers du Monde", was held in Strasbourg and the Domaine Seppi Landmann was acknowledged for its exceptional Gewurztraminers, with one gold medal and one silver medal for this prestigious grape variety that nowhere else in the world finds its full expression as entirely as in Alsace.
In the competition "Rieslings du Monde" the vineyard could add another gold medal to its eloquent record of achievments. You may find all the results on my website:
The ever growing numbers of buyers "en primeurs" are well rewarded for their confidence in the Grands Vins d'Alsace de Seppi Landmann since many years back, and I'm always happy when you telephone me or write to me that you will come and taste an old vintage that has pleased you.
I finish these few annual words by recommending you to read In Vinos Satanas, written by the leader writer of "Revue des Vins de France", Denis Saverot.
And, in spite of the current crises, I borrow the slogan from an advert for wine made by the Ministry of Agriculture between the wars: "French wine, health, joy and hope".
That's what I wish you for the coming 2009.
Happy New Year.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Your Winemaker,

Seppi Landmann