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Our harvest

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Traditionally, the harvest is done every day of the week if time permits of course, with pickers hired for the occasion and paid for their work. Thus, we also worked until 1986.

Then, everything changed at the suggestion of the young Sophie Marceau, then rising star of French cinema, which has asked us at a transition in our field, we would not appeal to real fans (in the sense of the word) of the vine and wine.


We thought that our customers, or those wishing to become so, were these fans that we needed. Who else indeed could do with more care and love these things at once simple and important from the perspective of the final product they will be the first consumers? Experience has shown that we had good reason for their trust.

To enable our customers to be present, we do harvesting on Saturday and Sunday. These "pickers weekend" are certainly not always as productive as seasonal workers, but their participation in the chain that leads to the production of our wines enhances their interest in it. They are not our employees but volunteers from the beauty of the landscapes and the friendliness of a good day spent among the living.  They are also a gesture of goodwill on our part.

To describe our way of proceeding, we first record of a typical day of harvest and then we devote two pages to specific cases: the harvest of icewine and our harvest as in old time.

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