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 Story of a harvest day   


A harvest day


Harvest as in old time

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Sunday 14 October 2001, it is 7:15, the day is not yet up and the final harvest will join the group already present in the court of Seppi Landmann. Good humor is already in place and the first fuse jokes. More than half of these are customers who come mainly for pleasure and to help in their own way to the production of their favorite nectar.

At 7:30, the truck off to the slopes of Zinnkoepflé. The curves and blocks of sandstone shake the joyous troop who clings not to crush its neighbors too.



First station, everyone descends and Seppi give instructions: "This plot is basically a foot sylvaner but muscat. You will perform a sort: in the green bucket the sylvaner to rot, in orange bucket while Muscat.

Then there is the tandem, their rank and awards them with an additional instruction: "Make no more than at the end of the row, you know your partner well."

It's now time for coffee with some pastries served well for us and for fans, a spirit house, which contributes to raise the temperature of the body already warmed by exertion and rays of a sun that looks very generous.

As in a ballet set properly by the master of ceremonies, new tris are made in two other plots of sylvaner. "Porteur! Bearer", all sides of this exclamation amounts provided to stimulate the ardor of the holders as to steam.

Paternal and closes at a time, Seppi is not stingy with jokes but does not deprive certain developed when the need arises. "The main bunch in the bucket in the row" is his favorite expression concerning the proper approach to limit the loss of grains.

There is midday and the village escapes aubade a hunting horn. Everyone appreciates the moment of serenity in a beautifully highlighted by the clarity of a cloudless sky.

Tables were compiled on a replat of two parcels of vines.


For thirty five pickers, come join some VIPs: Konstantin Klimovskiy (Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the Council of Europe) with his wife and Vladimir Boykov (responsible for cultural affairs in the delegation) .

Menu: with tomato soup, sauteed turkey with vegetables and fresh mushrooms, munster farmer.  Along with a Seppi's Edelzwicker.


 K. Klimovskiy and his wife

After lunch, the restoration route is not easy. specially as it is now attacking the most steep: the plots of gewurztraminer placed near the top of Zinnkoepflé.

As this sector has been hit by hail in July (see our report), the harvest is complete and without sorting. There are strong differences among the most vulnerable are only weakly supplied cluster, the others have, however, a satisfactory.

The clippers made, some pranksters aspergent their companions of a day with buckets available to rinse your hands sticky sugar. Before leaving, those who wish to follow Seppi in his cellar to fill up bottles of wine again.

Meanwhile, the team continues actively pressing task. After weighing the trays containing the harvest, grapes are poured into the press in stainless steel from which the juice flowing to the settling tank.

The work of harvest is complete, the grower is followed by a critical stage of winemaking.




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